Cloud Topper Pilot Sight Level
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Cloud Topper Pilot Sight Level on iPhone

Pilots, it's time to get rid of your sight level, water bottle or whatever "old school" method you have been using to determine cloud height. Introducing Cloud Topper, a revolutionary new sight level designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and Android Devices.

With Cloud Topper you can use your device camera, gyroscope and accelerometer as a traditional sight level. Plus you can enter the distance to a cloud and Cloud Topper will calculate your height above or below that cloud. The displayed cloud height is even corrected for the curvature of the earth.

Cloud topper is a fun, easy to use app that should be included in every pilots EFB.

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"What a great tool for the flight deck; ANY flight deck, from a 172 to a 747. For less than a buck? Why WOULDN'T you have this tool at your disposal?!"

"Great tool and fun to use."

"Throw those water bottles in the recycling bin.....this app is the way to go to clear those cloud tops!"

"This app lives at the intersection of fun and useful. Great for passing time on cross countries. I recommend it to all my pilot buddies."

Privacy Policy: Crop Applications, LLC. does not collect private user information from Cloud Topper.